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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 22, 2018 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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the final world cup match on thursday sees croatia put in a stunning performance to beat argentina leaving the south americans on the brink of a shock exit from the tournament. and football followers from all over the world make a central street in moscow the official part of the world cup with festivities in full swing. plus in other news a potential meeting between donald trump and blood to. be discussed during u.s.
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national security advisers visit to moscow next week. we will be back next hour with continued world cup coverage and news from around the globe get ready now for entertainingly an orthodox take on the financial headlines with the report stay with us. because or this is the because a report the show the. bars no holds holds are no bargain. oh well you seem to have lost your mind but you know what so has the u.s. in general so maybe it's you've been spending too much time there i have a headline here from c.n.n. that we haven't been able to cover while we've been here because you know we've had this stuff but i love this headline as well peter navarro says there's
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a special place in hell for justin trudeau that is our chief trade negotiator for it donald trump so it's quite interesting to call an ally there's a special place in hell for him and i don't know if that was because of his eyebrow falling down of space but peter navarro has apologized for this but you know i'm not sure what the big problem is with the canadians i mean we get the maple syrup and we get the hockey players and they get the tar sands tell you what stop sending tar sands to america i'll be happy about that because it's extremely dangerous for people so i think justin trudeau did some sort of special tar sands deal just recently as well but nobody pays attention to them because trump is everything right but that's what everybody's paying attention to but i want to turn to another story that i promised we would cover the last episode i said we were covering this and this is finally. frets about share buybacks quote torrent of corporate training dominating the market and short term financial engineering right after the
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company tells the market the stock is cheap executives overwhelmingly decide to sell that's the headline and this is from wall street dot com but he's talking about an s.t.c. study and they find that basically all these companies are doing is they announce that they're going to do a share buyback that stop. soaring and you know what happens the insiders dump all their shares five fold increase from the week before they'll start dumping their shares and they some of them don't even do the share buybacks because they don't have to pay all they are interested in is cashing out so it's. market manipulation stock market manipulation by insiders aided and abetted by regulators like the f.c.c. all the f.c.c. is doing here is. a look up on urban dictionary what that means all they're trying to do is cover their tracks so that when the lawsuits happen they can say oh we were aware of it we warned against it we're on top of it but they are even going to
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say that the regulators are captured the regulators are venal the regulators get payoffs ok they get money from these guys and then they go or they in the form of they leave the government they get a job in the private sector and they get the big payoff it's it's it's highly. corrupt like we've been saying for years and they're taking it all private and what's left is the a feudalism our sense so they and now it's a share buyback to happen and the study found of these like three hundred eighty five companies that they looked at that had announced share buybacks they found abnormal returns those thirty days afterward that's when they keep the executive start selling their shares so in fact twice as many companies have insider selling in the days after a buyback announcements on an ordinary day so right after the company tells the market that the stock is cheap executives overwhelmingly decide to sell explained f.c.c. commissioner robert jackson jr appointed by president tump and sworn in earlier
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this year they tell the market our share price is so cheap that we think the best use of our money is to buy back those shares because they're so cheap well then the executive start dumping it so the same executives she said the share price is cheap to the market are dumping their shares right and the money that they used to buy back their share. borrowed money from especially the fed ultimately charge them nothing to borrow that money so you're literally printing money in the form of the stock option appreciation that goes up as the share price is brought back and you are taking capital out of the economy and then there's nothing left for basic services like health care so you have millions of heroin addicts popping up all over america because it's ronte a guys at the top or just just being all this money out of the economy with the help of the regulator if you see is a participant in this you know the problem with crypto is that they're not paying
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the f.c.c. enough bribe money hopefully that'll change soon enough he points out that this isn't necessarily illegal but he wonders whether or not it's good for america and he says not. too many occasions companies do buybacks have failed to make the long term investments in innovation or their workforce that our economy so badly needs because we at the f.c.c. have not reviewed our rules governing stock buybacks in over a decade i worry whether these rules can protect investors workers and communities from the torrent of corporate trading dominating today's market what's the hold up they haven't reviewed the rules in a decade what do you do and here's five bucks i can claim here's five dollars can you please rig the market for me greedy little punk they're concerned trolling they're saying hey oh cher executives were a little bit concerned that we might have to regulate you if you don't make it if you stop making it so obvious you know we need more we need more product we're going to regulate you wall street if you give us more tax money i'm too stupid to
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get a job at goldman sachs so i had to be a regulator you know you should get into the public want to go to regular jay and all the other regulators so then he goes on to say executives often claim that a buy back is the right long term strategy for the company and they're not always wrong but if that's the case they should want to hold the stock over the long run not cash it out once and. buyback is announced if corporate managers believe that buybacks are indeed best for the company its workers and its community they should put their money where their mouth is so that's not going to happen and we've covered that it's obviously corrupt we've pointed it out and perhaps that's why the f.c.c. is saying hey you know executives watch out obviously c.n.n. b c is not covering this fact they're not pointing out that this is corrupt and venal and a special place in hell should be reserved for you just like with sitting alongside justin trudeau you know the kaiser report n r t they're pointing this out and we're going to be in trouble people are complaining to us you know americans all across the country should call the f.c.c. today and let them know that they they are concerned about all the share buybacks
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and that the company executives are cashing out at the expense of the economy tell doesn't exist anymore because it brought back all the chairs and the tape and taken private by j. clayton the f.c.c. so it's like you know it's also someone exist in the us there was hell to go with have and capitalism shouldn't exist unless there's a penalty for committing troops so the f.c.c. is saying this is a special economy if you commit massive fraud there's no crime there's no criminal prosecution for you as you know the former attorney general of america should hold eric holder these banks are above the law and we question them i asked them this directly in the airport in washington i said do you still grieve that there is no law that applies to bankers. who rule the room for proof. the guy should be flayed bring a lawyer and i mean unless i'm joe i'm really not sure if you are right or left headline in the news and again the theme of this show is there's
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a special place in hell there's a special place and how for justin trudeau this is a special place in hell for these executives dumping their shares while announcing share buybacks and there's a special place and how for you k. ministers because u.k. security minister proposes digital i.d.'s to enforce online civility ben wallach is theresa may security and. he has proposed that the u.k. follow china's example and require that any place providing internet access use bank account verification to affirmatively identify all the people who use the internet so they can be punished for bullying the minister characterized this as a choice between quote the wild west or civilized society he claimed that forcing people to identify themselves before they speak would end mob rule on the internet or b.b.c. . they don't have any free speech over there either if you say anything that's against the government they don't broadcast it i know that from experience on the b.b.c. the government reviewed every single word that won over the b.b.c.
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you get yours there is a here's the current or former al the united kingdom i don't know if they are a child. because we're a nation of one and here they are saying that we want to we want to copy china we love china's social credit score and we're going to start kicking people off the trains you want to take the train to edinburgh no you can't do i say there i don't know because you know there's a law about how americans are allowed to pronounce at a brit edinburgh ok i'm going to say edinburgh who cares let's see if they believe that in the u.k. . i mean we left the u.k. because this is disgusting horrible place full of bureaucrats with their mother for a nickel house of parliament and the house of commons is sick to range cesspool of idiots that i wouldn't want even to go to hell that we've been going through a special place in hell called being on the internet here in europe because we haven't been here very over a year and a half we've arrived here and every single fucking site you have to keep on
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clicking yes yes let me see it out on the stoop of privacy stuff like you know we know you track us you know you're following us we know access from the internet they're all tracking you if if you wanted to have privacy the only way to do it is to be like richard stallman and if you've ever seen him use the internet you have to be a freak you have to be a geek you have to know how to do that you can. you can't be rich or strong we can all be rich just on that but here we don't want to be kicked off trains and planes and and public services just because some bureaucrat doesn't like what we're saying what if they don't like what you're saying what if they find it rude that you're pointing out well in fact this article from boeing boeing points out that in the u.k. where libel laws favor the rich and powerful the ability to speak anonymously has been key to uncovering the historic sex abuse scandal and wish the most powerful politicians and businessmen in britain were revealed to be rapists who preyed on children women and men with total impunity so if if this law were in effect if they
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have a chinese sort of system any of those journalists that were pointing out that you know the rich and powerful were preying on these children the jimmy savile's of the world memory took a punk rocker got leaked by the b.b.c. by the way johnny rotten or said vicious one of those guys pointed out that jimmy savile long ago you point out thirty years ago member when sid vicious was still alive that jimmy savile was a paedophile and they had they believed it because of these laws but now would have been kicked off public transport for saying that you know all you need to know about the u.k. is that jimmy savile almost became prime minister. that's. what he was but actually it was me. as a way to becoming. prime minister then whatever play the flag of britain with something to indicate that necrophilia was ok as far as british standards were concerned oh and speaking of mispronouncing words staying at
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the american way i did go to savile row once and i was asking directions i said is this is this a village row. i said it is. right and under the new law you would have been prevented from going. to somebody. that indicated that they spent a lot of time in oxford oxford or cambridge getting. so professors so bad while like again he said that social media companies should bear the cost of tracking the identities of all their users real name policies have proved to be a boon to authoritarian rulers in cambodia a dictator hans and has embraced facebook creating a direct pipeline to facebook's really in compliance team that his government uses to force critics to reveal their real identities and then they torture them and so just you know this is what the u.k. wants to stop talking about the u.k. makes me puke just to think about that whole i'm not going to say when i say hell has a special place it's called the u.k.
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out of the second i have no go away. all across the western world the so-called melting pot is melting down immigration legal and illegal is probably the most contentious and divisive issue energizing voters in germany the government may collapse and trump has made his signature cause can the status quo sustained. welcome back to the kaiser report imax guys are time now to turn to henry because of a streamer now first of all henry if i pronounce your last name correctly yeah that was pretty good close yeah right yeah ok fantastic is there a big tech scene and startup scene in finland yeah indeed i don't there's
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a text because you've got some huge tech companies from finland crypt are saying it's an engineering country for sure the streamer project is play based on switzerland because that's kind of on for is a better ecosystem for it for doing these blog chain projects because we still have a big team of developers in finland so it's a better ecosystem including regulations yeah including regulation is the finnish government's position currently about crypt out do they have a position is there much activity there yeah i think they're kind of searching for their view on things of course finland is part of the e.u. they have to like wait for the. decisions on things and slowly that will come down to the national legislation and so on and switzerland as not part of the e.u. but still in the middle of europe they can be a little bit more agile in supporting the kind of new technology and creating an environment that can can support that's ok so streamer dot com s t r e a m r
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right. when we were. starting out we couldn't afford the domain when we went with the version of the transit was typing quite trendy this is i think a good way to put it so it says data done differently what does that mean so what we're doing is we're to changing the way in which people and organisations can share and monetize the data that they're producing for example when you use applications when you use your mobile phone you're generating data on your behavior that's currently going to big companies who sell it to advertise. yes the same kind of patterns appear elsewhere as well and we want to change that we want to put the end user back in control of their data so that they could actually earn it by using a service or enable an organization that's producing data for example let's say a factory to share their data share their production estimates for example to
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a nearby power plant who finds that data valuable because they can optimize their operations in preparation for the demand for electricity from the factory or you could say. let's see a smart car a connected car you're driving around while doing that your car can measure things from the environment maybe road condition data that's useful to the road authorities or maybe cell tower signal strength data that's useful to the network operators so why we while we live our lives and while organizations conduct their businesses they are generating data that's potentially useful to others but this opportunity is not being utilized today in any way organizations are keeping the data in a silo but by doing so they're also placing a lead on the value of the data and there's no sharing happening at the moment because it's too difficult for their statement and you react to the statement data
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is the new oil yeah that's very accurate in many ways because it needs to be transported needs to be refined to be used as an end product and also need to be transported there's a long chain of things that need to happen before it's useful and streamer is a kind of a platform for refining the rebel. to something that's valuable to an end customer ok so data is a hot topic particularly in political terms because we've got a big scandal with a company called cambridge analytic right they. scrape data from social media platforms and they're misusing the data it's being alleged that this data was used to. raid an election in america and twenty sixteen so how do you deal with the fact that at the moment data got a p r problem that you know if i can put it in those terms yeah you can and i'd
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like to make that more specific centralized data has a p.r. problem right it's something that's out of control the end user people are giving away their data for free to facebook and other big companies google who are kind of taking advantage for that but of course that's their business model that is actually the current and only business model of free services on the internet could that be changed could we put the person the source of the data back in control so that they could decide who gets access to the data how it gets monetized maybe they earn a share of that all this is possible with technology but it hasn't been possible in previous generation products here is a question. you probably don't know the answer to this question but i'll ask the question anyway you know it's been estimated that the value of
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a human being if you were to sell the organs the liver the kidney the brain to harvest the organs it's worth something like two hundred bucks i mean the kidney now is worth more so let's say it's two hundred forty bucks you know the the break up value of a human yeah as anyone done analysis or study to which the data because your data is like i'm driving that's data i'm interacting with larry for. data because a refrigerator is a source refrigerator and all that data is there any estimate about how much value potentially my data and body is generating and just comment on that i guess yeah i haven't thought about that i mean it's probably more than the value of your organs for sure i mean not just what you want your bodies generating but only your actions were what they are the products you use the car you drive where you drive everything that can be measured all the actions of a human being combined is certainly worth much more than two hundred bucks ok so
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year over there streamer so i wouldn't take it that you are trying to create a firewall between individual data in the world yeah so that i have possession and control of my data things actually go right now everything is held together with my skin if i my skin was gone i would be it just burgle in burgling pile of organs and blood in plasma right so if you create a data firewall and i'm generating did i cannot help but generate data because i interact with the world right so you are protecting me or not protecting me protect innocent person i'm not going to put you are you waiting i am saving my data that's firewall is called encryption basically and what we can do in the streamer network is have an to ending crippen so. and you produce the data gets encrypted you control who can access that you might sell that access for a fee ride like you pay me you get access to my data this can happen at scale where
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as a user is a free device like a phone for example millions of people could put their data into the same pool what happens to companies like facebook that rely on free data there is their business model challenge that yeah it is for sure maybe there will be alternatives what if there was a like facebook facebook two point zero that allows their users to earn money by using that software i mean that would be amazing probably people would actually actually switch over or if you're buying a phone there's two phones one of them allows you to earn money by using the phone and the other one is just a regular phone which one do you buy if there are otherwise similar kooris you buy the one that enables you that empowers you to control your data and monetize your data in northern europe which then let us part of they have like mixed economies socialist capitalism is kind of a mix right to be at least now with a capital like socialism. so but the states pretty big in the states get
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a lot of benefits up there in northern europe education health that's like a real nice place because you can't be left on the street because you just happen to break your arm you're not going to be abandoned by her society and turn into like in america they've got a whole leper colony forty million in a leper colony in san francisco now it's amazing but the point of my question is that they comes back to something called universal basic income fact is everyone is valuable their data is yeah right so let's say i don't work but if i can still it's i'm still data rich and if i can if i get a thousand or two thousand a month just my encrypted data and selling it selectively isn't that kind of a similar idea yeah there could be states or governments where. citizens are offered a basic income based on the data that they generate but i don't sure if it would be
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enough for a living could there be professional data generator could there be i think not i think it wouldn't be enough for for a decent living in ok but streamer is kind of like in that business so it definitely works on the individual level right the individuals are your users organizations machines as well i mean this enables machine to machine. they only were robot uprising yeah sure story. care about him and. him in humans are trans in time we will be replaced by hybrids or. take some time it will take some time. that humans have a future ok fair enough fair no make that assumption ok so you say it's for individuals and corporations and so for example there's a huge corporation and i have ten thousand employees. that were on my mind going in the right path i mean so we're not it's not really about the employees i mean
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organizations as organizations conduct. as part of the business they do they collect data they generate data they make measurements of the environment and there are satellites circling the earth and measuring how many cars there are on a parking lot right and this data is valuable to both whoa martha and some traders who are speculating on the stock price and so on so. the imagination of the data collectors is the limit of what kind of use case he's can emerge if we enable this free for all no one taking it very easy when data and secondary human data center lowers i drive my car into a parking lot and i walk away but a satellite is capturing that data about. the car that's not the primary data from him and that's the saying it's a tertiary activity of the generator side right it's a byproduct of me as
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a yeah so the organization collects all this car is aisha's environmental organization they want to track cars they can track the cars and then that's the organization organizational level enterprise level collection of data you know or think about kind of crowd sourcing of data for example an individual could host a pollution sensor on the roof of their of their house right and sell that data as part of. a larger group of people doing the same to an organization maybe a smart city. some maybe a whole health organization interested in how much pollution there is in the air i could put out a monitor in my arm that tracks my glucose levels maybe i can sell that data yeah you can sell that to a medical company maybe you could share is that to your doctor frankly because you're incentivized to do so right so there's almost a limit to data collection is are we only have
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a. few seconds left but is there any risk that the data would fuel the robot uprising i mean or just playing into their hands are you i mean that's what they're looking for it's the only refinery to change the same thing ai's can participate in this change by making the data more valuable than i will assume the best case scenario we have to go henry because streamer thank you thank you very much right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser stacy erb would like to thank our guests. stream or if you want to catch us on twitter it's kaiser report until next time. join me every thursday on the alex salmond sure and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics school business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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as he should be. one of the people so he'd be in luck because. that's me what i mean i well me and nothing. but the same. boat. what i was was a. dumb move to move. the school i'm.
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only in the spirit. we've image of him saying i'm a watchman of blood from a christmas. winter with a mint oh is that and there have none he moved can you hear me. diminish . him.
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on the welcome to worlds apart israel has long argued against a permanent iranian presence in southern syria and to some extent its arguments were heated by russia but is the united states occupation of northeastern series becoming more entrenched and permanent in nature and will israel act on russia's concerns well to discuss that i'm now joined by danielle area long former deputy foreign minister of israel and former israeli ambassador to the united states ambassador it's very good to talk to you thank you very much for your time my pleasure i think you would agree with me that russia by and large has been responsive to israel's security concerns. it doesn't get involved when israel takes a liberty to strike targets on the syrian territory obviously violating the sovereignty of that country and yet you know russia allows that to happen do you think though this kind of arrangement has any limits that israel has to be.


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